The Top 5 Reasons Cleanses FAIL



A good cleanse program is an excellent way to lose weight, stop gas & bloating, clear up your skin and improve energy

Press the “RESET BUTTON”, so to speak!


The amazing thing about a cleanse or detox is that it can improve your health in so many different ways, depending on where you’re starting from and what your goals are.


A cleanse meets you where you're at!


But it has to be done right!


Time and time again I have seen motivated and well-intentioned folks fail at meeting their health goals because the cleanse they tried did not work at them.


Why? What goes wrong??

Well, a few different things...


Here are the Top 5 Reasons That People Fail At Cleanses:


1. They have no guidance.

This is a big one. You really need someone to answer your questions, educate you on why and what you’re doing, and hold you accountable. When you’re doing a cleanse, it is inevitable that there will come a point when you feel frustrated, confused or unmotivated and want to quit. That is exactly the time when you realize the value in having someone to check in with. Priceless.


2. They have the wrong guidance.

There are lots of people out there selling cleanses and detoxes., and many of them are very knowledgeable. But unfortunately there are also a lot of people out there that don’t know quite as much as you need them to. Your guide should be an expert in 3 areas: nutrition, detox physiology and behavior modification (habit formation). Many practitioners have strengths in some of these areas, but not all of them. In my opinion you really want either a naturopathic doctor or a functional medical doctor that has done a lot of extra nutrition training outside of conventional medical school. That’s the best way to ensure that you do a cleanse that is safe, effective and offers long-lasting benefits.


3. The diet is too rigid or wrong for their constitution.

I see this one a lot. It’s hard to stick to a cleanse if you’re hungry or tired or spacey the whole time! That’s what happens when you are lacking in nutrition for too long, or putting demands on your body that it isn’t used to. Not everyone can handle a Master Cleanse or juice fast or very limited diet. And if you’re already on a restricted diet, you want the cleanse to meet you where you are at so you have options.



4. They don’t know what to cook or eat

This one’s pretty simple. If you are given a list of foods you can’t eat, you really want a bunch of recipe and menu ideas that include foods that you can eat. If you’re not given any ideas, you are going to feel stuck really quickly.


5. The detox supplements are wrong.

This circles back to having the appropriate guidance. You want to get supplements from a source that you trust and you want them to be developed by people that understand detox processes. You don’t want supplements that push one phase of liver detoxification without supporting the second phase at all. Another example is that you don’t want to have shakes full of sugar, artificial ingredients or unhealthy additives. You are putting a lot of effort in so you don’t want to accidentally do something that would would defeat the purpose!


Avoid these common pitfalls and you are likely to find yourself at the end of your cleanse, feeling accomplished and confident. And healthier!


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Rebecca Principe