My Cleanse Philosophy


Cleanses are very popular these days and there are lots of different types – juice cleanses, water fasts, master cleanse, raw ... the list goes on and on. The goal can be anything from physiological detox to cleaning out the colon.

I think the best type of cleanse is one that combines physiological detoxification with diet and lifestyle changes to clean up not only your colon and liver but also your life!

The reason I've constructed this specific cleanse is because it addresses many of your needs in one comprehensive program – digestive help, weight loss, emotional support, healthy mind-state and a long-term plan for moving forward!

This cleanse will not cause rebound weight gain or blood sugar issues like some other detoxes.

It will not make you feel tired, spacey or unable to function. It will reduce digestive symptoms, kick-start long-lasting healthy habits and leave you feeling light both physically and emotionally.

The way I see it, there are 3 key pieces that I need to understand deeply in order to successfully guide you:

  • Nutrition

  • Detoxification Processes

  • Healthy Habit Formation

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, my training in all 3 of these aspects is top notch!

Health coaches, conventional doctors, nutritionists and other types of providers all know a lot about some of the pieces of this puzzle, but no other profession has the depth of education and experience in all of them as naturopathic medicine. I’m fortunate to have chosen the medical education that I did … and you’re fortunate that I can share it with you!

In my private medical practice and as a health consultant, I’ve been in the trenches with people like you ... battling IBS, gas and bloating, SIBO, constipation, chronic diarrhea and reflux. And for years I’ve been leading whole-food cleanses as a way to help people meet their health goals. This cleanse is the culmination of that work!

The New Year New You Cleanse is the unique solution I’ve developed specifically for folks like you! 

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Dr. Rebecca is a responsive and caring healer who deeply understands the emotional, mental, and physical challenges that come with food restrictions and gut issues.
— Bernadette N.