I GET IT. Health does not always come easy!

Making good food choices, getting the right exercise, reducing stress … these things are hard! And with so much conflicting and confusing health info out there, it can feel totally overwhelming.

It’s hard to know where to start, or whether something is actually helping. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up, ending up feeling lousy and back to square one.

I’ve been there!

I remember feeling sick every time I ate … feeling anxious waiting for the bloating, gas pains or heartburn to start.

I remember wanting to go out and be social, but staying on the couch because I was so uncomfortable.

It was depressing! I didn’t know what to do and felt totally discouraged. Sadly, conventional medicine failed to help me solve my digestive issues. All of this propelled me down the path of naturopathic medicine.

Fortunately, I’ve been through this process and have come out on the other side. Through my own experiences and medical school, I’ve learned how to help people feel better.

Now I want to help you take your health to the next level!

I've learned natural and holistic ways to get at the root of your issues. My simple step-by-step approach is all about addressing you as a whole person. 

It's all connected ... And often it's all about the gut! Which is why that is my focus in my work.


My goal is making
health easy!

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The best way I’ve found to do that is by breaking the pathway to health down into small, realistic, digestible steps.

I call these bite-size morsels! 

Optimal health is created one small morsel at a time.


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Official Bio & Credentials


Dr. Rebecca Principe is a licensed naturopathic physician with a focus in digestive health. She completed her doctorate at the accredited National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

As a naturopathic doctor, she offers the best of both worlds. Trained as a primary care physician, she has a deep medical understanding of the human body. Unlike her conventional counterparts whose main tools are drugs and surgery, Dr. Rebecca helps her patients through nutrition, lifestyle counseling, herbs, vitamin therapy and homeopathy. Her goal is always to treat the root cause of disease rather than just the symptoms, and to offer an alternative to drugs whenever possible.

Dr. Rebecca holds a BS in Psychology from Trinity College in Connecticut. She has a background in social work as well as consumer and environmental advocacy. She currently serves on the board of her state association, the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, as treasurer and a member of the legislative committee.

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Praise for Dr. Rebecca

I would highly recommend Dr. Rebecca to anyone seeking information and relief from digestive disorders.”
— Karen G.
I have had chronic digestive issues since childhood, and have been on many restrictive diets. I have at times had to limit my activities due to fatigue and illnesss, because I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients from my meals. Since working with Dr. Rebecca, I now have healthy and normal digestion leading to a much improved quality of life.”
— Lindsay B.