My Medical Practice

Do you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area? 

I’m currently accepting new patients at my clinic locations in Portland and Scappoose! 

In Oregon I practice as a naturopathic primary care physician, offering the best of both worlds as I treat everything from chronic diseases to the common cold!


Already have a PCP? No problem! I also work as a natural medicine specialist and can function as a part of your health care team, helping you to achieve your goals.

My main purpose as a doctor is to meet you where you’re at and support you at any stage of your health journey. I work WITH YOU to develop an individualized treatment plan that feels realistic and encouraging, and which addresses you as a whole person. 


All too often, patients leave the doctor’s office feeling discouraged, dismissed or confused. That’s how I often felt growing up in the conventional medical world! I became a naturopathic physician because I wanted to create a different heath experience for people. I work hard to create a comfortable and open environment where you feel listened to and encouraged to communicate your needs.


Naturopathic medicine works because we focus on treating the underlying cause of disease, not just the symptoms. That way you can actually get better, as opposed to just getting by.


With my unique training as a naturopathic doctor, I’m able to offer solutions that conventional medicine lacks. By integrating traditional wisdom and modern technology, I draw from an enormous and diverse toolbox, and rarely find there is nothing I can do for you!


Get in touch to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if we’re a good fit.

I’m excited to guide you on your health journey!

My gut issues began after giving birth to my son ... Finally, I found Dr. Rebecca. She recommended testing for SIBO. I tested positive ... Dr. Rebecca responded carefully to my requests and needs and gave me so much needed support as I healed. She is a responsive and caring healer who deeply understands the emotional, mental, and physical challenges that come with food restrictions and gut issues.


Dr. Rebecca’s special interests include but are not limited to:

·      Family medicine

·      Digestive disorders

·      Women’s health

·      Mental/emotional wellness

·      Cardiovascular disease prevention

·      Alzheimer’s prevention

·      Hormone/thyroid imbalances

·      Fatigue & insomnia


Modalities used by Dr. Rebecca include:

·      Nutrition

·      Lifestyle counseling

·      Homeopathy

·      Herbs

·      Vitamin/amino acid therapy

·      Holistic Pelvic Care 

·      Craniosacral therapy

·      Functional lab analysis

·      Neurotransmitt

I have had three ND’s over a twenty year period prior to Dr. Rebecca. All of them were great but Dr. Rebecca was the best fit for me out of any of them. The fact that she practiced homeopathy as well as herbs and craniosacral, and could prescribe a pharmacy drug if needed was a thorough combination. And so created a great experience for me and my husband! We have moved out of the US but will be using Dr. Rebecca’s online services. We feel really blessed to have had her and will continue to have her as our health professional.

Clinics I work with

True Health Scappoose

8555 SW Tualatin Rd, Suite B.
Tualatin, OR 9706

Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center

2330 NW Flanders St. #101
Portland,OR 97210

Kwan Yin East

3115 NE Sandy Blvd, ste 231,
Portland, OR, 97232