I’ve had digestive issues for many years ... I knew I needed to get to the bottom of my condition, and that just avoiding the wrong foods was not enough. Dr. Rebecca listened very closely to my symptoms, asked many detailed questions, and suggested that I test for SIBO ... she took the time to thoroughly answer my questions, respected my choice of treatments, and made sure that I understood every part of the multi-phased regimen. I am happy to report that the treatment was a success, and I am enjoying a much healthier and better informed nutritional life these days! I would highly recommend Dr. Rebecca to anyone seeking information and relief from digestive disorders.
— Karen G., Portland, OR
Dr. Rebecca has been integral in figuring out my digestive issues. She is well informed and thorough, and I can tell she will go to any length to solve or learn more about any issue she isn’t already well versed in. I have had chronic digestive issues since childhood, and have been on many restrictive diets. I have at times had to limit my activities due to fatigue and illnesss, because I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients from my meals. Since working with Dr. Rebecca, I now have healthy and normal digestion leading to a much improved quality of life.
— Lindsay B. Portland, OR, USA
I like participating in Dr. Rebecca’s cleanse about once or twice a year. This way I can develop a better understanding of what my body and dietary needs are. I like being informed and feeling good at the end of every cleanse.
— Molly R. Portland, OR, USA
I have had three ND’s over a twenty year period prior to Dr. Rebecca. All of them were great but Dr. Rebecca was the best fit for me out of any of them. The fact that she practiced homeopathy as well as herbs and craniosacral, and could prescribe a pharmacy drug if needed was a thorough combination. And so created a great experience for me and my husband! We have moved out of the US but will be using Dr. Rebecca’s online services. We feel really blessed to have had her and will continue to have her as our health professional.
— Tracy & Martin M. Mérida, Yuc, MX
My gut issues began after giving birth to my son ... Finally, I found Dr. Rebecca. She recommended testing for SIBO. I tested positive ... Dr. Rebecca responded carefully to my requests and needs and gave me so much needed support as I healed. She is a responsive and caring healer who deeply understands the emotional, mental, and physical challenges that come with food restrictions and gut issues.
— Bernadette N. Portland, OR, USA

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