Top 7 Things You Can Get From A Cleanse


As the season starts to transition and change is in the air, we start hearing these words thrown around more and more…



They sound like a great idea...but what do they actually mean??


Before I get into WHY you would want to do a detox or cleanse, I want to clarify WHAT I'm actually talking about...


There are lots of different types of cleanses and approaches to detox, and people have many different interpretations. When I personally use the term I am referring to this:


A set amount of time with a focus on:

- Supporting the body’s natural detox & metabolic processes

- Clean eating and lifestyle (so you’re giving your body less to deal with overall)

- Cultivating healthy habits


Sound good? Well it is! 😊


A cleanse done well can be an awesome way to "press the reset button", get your

health back on track and just feel better!


I see people get so much out a good cleanse program! And the great thing about a cleanse is that it really meets you where you're at...Meaning that whatever your health goal is at the time, that's what a cleanse can do for you!


That being said, there are some benefits that I see pop up more frequently....


These are the top 7 things you can get from a cleanse...


1. More Energy

Maybe it’s the better sleep, maybe the lack of alcohol, maybe just the clean eating, but people have much better energy once they’ve gotten into the rhythm of a cleanse…and even after it’s over!


2. Less Digestive Issues

When you support your liver and clean up your diet, symptoms like gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation & diarrhea improve.


3. Healthy Weight Loss

A cleanse isn’t necessarily a weight loss program, but guess what happens when you eat a clean diet and reduce inflammation?? Yep, the pounds start to come off. So a cleanse is a great weight to kick-off a diet or weight loss program. 

4. More Quality Sleep

No alcohol + Less caffeine + No sugar after dinner = Better sleep   

Don't you just love math? 😀


5. Control Over Cravings (Sugar!)

Sugar cravings are a beast! It often takes some structure and a plan to break the cravings. That’s exactly what a cleanse is!

And having the freedom to CHOOSE to eat sugar vs doing it compulsively is huge - for both your physical and emotional health.


6. Clear Skin

Acne? Eczema? Rosacea? Dandruff? The skin is a window to into the health of your digestion. Clean up the inside and the skin will follow.


7. Increased Mental Clarity

When you stimulate your liver, eat lighter foods, and reduce toxins, your brain fog clears…and mood generally improves too!


Considering a cleanse?

The fall session of the Rest & Digest Cleanse is approaching...

 And registration is open!

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